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Album Facts:

  • This album was written with much more of a thought process than "Start (The First Album)" mainly due to the fact I had some guitar experience (6 months).

  • The album was written almost entirely with either an acoustic or an electric guitar. Very rarely was a bass or drums used to write anything.

  • The writing of the album started in mid-March 2014 and took till early/mid-September of the same year to finish the first draft of the album.

  • The album took 6 years to finish due to college schedules, work schedules, lack of equipment, and no permanent/constant space to record, mix, and master.

  • With the exception of the opener that was cut from the album, all the instrument parts for the album were recorded but eventually scrapped. The vocals were also recorded twice, three times, and possibly four times depending on the song.

  • The vocal tracks for the first 9 songs were recorded within a span of 2 days. The other 5 songs had their vocal takes recorded shortly before the album was finished during the blended mixing and mastering stages.

  • Not one real amp was used on this album. The tones were all made with Bias Amp 2 and Bias FX.

  • All the drum parts for the album were recorded piece by piece due to only having access to a Scarlett 2i2.

  • Some drum parts had to be recorded multiple times because they weren't done within the time I had to set up and record. So to prevent the different songs from having different sounding snares, bass drums, etc. I would have to restart the recording process if I didn't get all the songs recorded for each piece of the kit in the time I had to do them.

  • The guitar solo section for Paranoid had to have it's own Pro Tools session file due to the number of cuts and takes from the rest of the song slowing down the original guitars' session file.

  • The bass drum at the beginning of Therapy (the title track) is augmented by two large body pads slammed together.

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