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The Electronic EP

I've noticed that every once in a while, as a musician, I will write a song or two purely out of spite. This was one of those times but instead of writing just a singular song out of spite it was multiple songs to be compiled into a whole work of spite. Because this was meant to be more of an experiment than anything else I knew that it was not going to be extremely long.

This album was made using preset plugins and effects in LMMS (Linux Multi-Media Studio)

Spaced Out

I wanted a kind of slower feel to at least one song on this EP and this was the one that captured it. I always liked when electronic songs traded their upbeat, sometimes inhuman, speed of the instruments or phrases of songs for a more relaxed approach. Any time I listened to this song I could only imagine that this is what someone would listen if they could sit in a spacecraft and aimlessly float through space. Which is how the song got it's name.

The Electric Drummer

Inspired by the many drummers on Youtube who play "Drum Remixes," I wanted a song that sounds like a drum remix already but with enough room that a real drummer could put their own spin on it.

Psyched up Workout

I know, I phoned it in on the title. You don't have to tell me. This was an experimental work and to be honest, if a title is more straightforward than artsy, then so be it. But the title suits the song because it could be listened to during a workout to give the listener at least somewhat of a boost.

Take on the World

This was one of those songs that really ended up surprising me. It seemed alright at first but once everything was brought together it really went to another level that I wasn't expecting. Especially because the melody is just a simple eighth note pattern. The contrast of the different sections also really added another level to this song. In my opinion, this song is the one that really made me feel like I successfully wrote in a different genre. The use of reverb was a huge improvement to this song.

That (Second) Old Nostalgia Feel

I wrote the sequel to That Old Nostalgia Feel because I could not write an EP in the style of Electronic music without doing at least one song in the chiptune style. It is by far my favorite kind of Electronic music so once I figured out that LMMS has instrument plugins that had the chiptune sound I knew I had to do this. The title was an easy one to figure out, obviously. I also added in the blips to really give it that old video game sound even more than it may have already had.

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