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Death Wish

The working title of the song was eventually used as the final title. 

The lyrics had only one slight change which was instead of "I've lived my death a thousand times in my head" the lyric became "I've lived my death a thousand times in my mind." This was at first an accident during recording but I ended up keeping it because it rhymed a little bit more with the next line.

The writing process of the whole song took about a year to be completed because I couldn't get the bridge to sound like it fit. Eventually, I ended up using some new chords along with two that have been used throughout the whole song so that it sounded different but still cohesive.

The single art was taken by my mom, Rose Smith, and the wall I'm sitting in front of is in my basement. I thought it would be a good background to use due to the dark and depressing theme of the song. 

Instead of tuning down to make the song darker I used a capo on the first fret and it still somehow had the effect I was looking for.

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