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A Christmas Timeline

Written and completed in early November of 2015, this is the first, and as of right now the only, Christmas themed song I have ever written. It was released a year later to allow the copyright process to run its course. The photo used for the single cover was taken with an HTC One M8 camera and with a Fluorescent white balancing. I used fake snow to cover the violin and spray on snow on the branches (so fun cleaning that off my violin). I was originally going to wrap the violin up in Christmas lights but I couldn't get the lighting right. The working title of the song was called Christmas 2015.

The intro was originally going to be played by a guitar but it proved to be weird and almost unplayable on that instrument. Also, it sounded better the way it eventually turned out. The song is divided into five sections which include "The Night Before," "The Magic Begins," "Christmas Morning," "Visiting Loved Ones," and "Another Year of Waiting." A Christmas Timeline tries to, like every Christmas song, capture the spirit of Christmas.

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